Protected Land Spaces

Learning why land protection is so crucial

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    When the weather turns rainy, gardeners know that slimy slugs won’t be far behind. These soft-bodied mollusks emerge under the cover of night sliding their way into the garden to devour tender crops.  Because they seek shelter from the light, the only evidence you may find in chewed plants and dried slime trails. Deterring or […]

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  • Excavation: Skulls, Ships, And Armies

    Excavating earth normally reveals only dirt, rocks, and rusty cans. Digging is no big deal to excavating contractors, such as Catmandu Excavating & Bobcat Services. But if you’re lucky you might uncover something more interesting, like gold. Imagine excavating something so incredible and unlikely that news of it travels around the globe. Here are some surprising […]

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  • Why You Need Professional Power Sweeping For Your Lot

    A favorable exterior appearance should be a priority for any business owner. Whether you realize it or not, the parking lot serves as a first impression for new customers. If customers don’t like what they see, they may take their business elsewhere. Power sweeping serves as one way to keep your parking lot aesthetically appealing. […]

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  • Easy Ways To Manage Accumulating Junk

    Getting rid of your old junk has never been as easy as it is to live in the 21st century. In addition to citywide garbage collection services, there are many other options to help you clean of your closet quickly or tidy up the backyard. Roll Off Bins Sometimes referred to as drop boxes, roll […]

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  • When To Call A Tree Removal Service

    When a homeowner needs to remove a tree that has been growing for a while, it is always best to call a professional. The following tips will help you decide if calling a tree service is warranted. The Roots are a Threat to the Foundation Some trees are planted to close to a home or […]

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Historical Sites

Historical sites are prime spots for protection. They teach us about the past and often hold objects and possibly people who should be preserved. We can protect theses spaces by separating them from vehicle tours and keeping them clean.

Environmental Benefits

We should protect some spaces because of the benefits they offer to the environment and to us. Many spaces have carbon stocks that absorb harmful chemicals from factories and greenhouses. We can preserve these lands by prohibiting hunting.

Getting a Land Trust

You can get your land protected by getting a land trust. You need to visit with the courthouse or form a committee to decide how the land will stay preserved. If your property is historical or eco-friendly, consider this option.